Napo 3

The Naming of Darkness

How could Adam name the one thing
He’d never understand? The light
Bathed his body, nourished it,
Filled it with everything he was,
Everything he thought was just.

And here he stood, staring
Into another world as the sun set,
At the shadow her body cast,
At the deep shade of her hair,
Into the depths of her eyes.
How could he name
what he couldn’t see, touch,
embrace, and call his own?

Eve, even her name suggested
She was born of night, and brimmed
With it still now, standing before him.
She closed her eyes. He wanted to know
what she saw behind those lids,
the umbra cast within her mind.

This woman lying next to him,
A universe within her
that he’d never get to name.
He called that place darkness,
And it cradled them that first night.