Napo 4: Put a Dog in There

Today, I followed the prompt about describing something abstract (anger) as something concrete (in this case, a mean mutt).
I followed the craft advice from  "Put a Dog in There: Poetry and the Power of Concrete Nouns"

Julie Marie Wade perhaps a little too literally :)


Your anger is a barking dog
That won’t shut up.
It yips, yips, yips.
It bares its little teeth
As a growl grows within its heart.

You keep your anger
On a short leash,
Or lock it behind a chainlink fence.
You don’t want your anger
To bite the neighbor kid,
The mailman, a lover.
You don’t want your anger
To escape at the wrong moment,
Run out into the street,
Eat a small child or a cat.

Sometimes, your anger
Slumbers in a plush bed,
Her eyelids twitching,
Her lips lifting,
And you know
She’s dreaming of sinking
Those white teeth
Into someone who really deserves it.
You tiptoe around your anger
As not to disturb it. You stroke
Its head, keep it well-fed,
And do a lot of praying.
Sometimes your anger
Plays fetch to burn off
A little steam. Sometimes,
your anger rolls over,
Exposes the soft belly.

You’re not a dog person.
It doesn’t matter.
This is a pet we all keep.
We have no choice.

Your anger is a bitch, ok?
With bad breath and bad manners,
But she guards your heart
Like Cerebus guards the darkness.