Lazy day with lots to do...

LoL I think that's the story of my life.

I have this huge enormous pile of tasks, projects, THINGS I need to be working on. Instead it's 6:30 and I'm still in my robe. I'm still recouping I guess from the San Antonio trip this weekend.

Which was awesome! It was so nice to get out of the valley, and the Wild Tongues Graduate symposium was a great excuse to do so. BruBru and I stayed at the Gardenia Inn in the Historic King Williams District. It was a lovely mansion built in like the 1800's and everything is all original. The only down side to staying there was that we were the only people that didn't qualify for AARP in the entire house :-P

The graduate symposium itself was ok. I didn't have much of a crowd because my panel was like the last of the day, and the other presenters on my panel had really nothing to do with poetry. So if nothing else, it's a line on the good old CV and an opportunity to get out of the valley for a bit. Boy did I love San Antonio, though. I could totally see myself living there. It's big enough to have variety, yet small enough to feel homey. Bruno and I saw this house for sale, like the one we were staying in. Only 600k... LoL... poets can afford that right? :-P Luckily this poet as a computer engineer at her side.

So what else? Hmmm... this weekend I have a big reading coming up at Barnes and Noble on 10th and Nolana in McAllen. I read at 7pm. I'm all kinds of nervous and excited XD. The lady there said I MIGHT be able to sell my chapbooks. GRr. That... um... was kind of the whole point!

Oh! And this is kind of still in the works but I also MIGHT be coming out on NPR. Now that would be exciting! I'll give details later.

I also wanted to make one promise before I sign off for the day. I'm determined to submit some more poems. I'm committing to two packets a month. My next 'deadline' is May 15th for Denver Quarterly! I can/will do it!