Tonights the big night!

Reading at Barnes and Noble!

10th and Nolana in McAllen at 7pm!

Copies of my chapbook are available for sale $7. I'll also be signing books of course!

Joining me are other valley poets, La Erika and Virginia Torres.

I'm reading in conjunction with the McAllen Memorial Library, which means that a portion of the procedes will be donated to them.

How exciting! :D

Let's see... I other news? None really.

I'm having second thoughts about preparing a proposal for AWP. BruBru won't be able to join me in DC, and I'm terrified to go alone (he, by the way, got a new job! almost double pay! I'm super proud! but he doesn't have the time off like before). The other valley poetas don't sound all that excited about going, either. So... looks like I'm going to have to pass. BooOOoOoO....

But I am still determined to meet the May 15th Denver Quarterly deadline.

Oh! And I'm going to start on my MFA thesis this fall :) I'm meeting with my awesome prof next week and I'm going to ask him to direct it. Yay! Can't believe I'm almost done with the MFA. It went by so fast, and at the same time not.

Which gets me to thinking about PhD's. Hmmm...

Anyway... I'll figure it all out I'm only 23 years old.