Rejection Blues :'(



Such a depressing day. Form rejection letter from Bordersenses. And to top it all off, another poeta is bragging (and rightfully so she should brag!) about getting accepted into the same magazine. Jealousy... it's my ugliest trait.

Done done and on the to next one~ I'm prepping my proposal for AWP. Busy busy busy. The ladies over at Mouthfeel Press seem very excited about the whole prospect, so I picked the project up again and I'm excited and nervous about it too. I'm a graduate student, right. I'm really young, yet here I am trying to put organize and moderate an event for the conference to end all conferences. I want to shoot with the big guns, fly with the big birds, and poeticisze with the best of them. Yep... I'm ambitious. I just hope this won't cause another nasty case of these rejection blues.

Done, done, on to the next one. LoL, stupid song is in my head right now.

Another thing that's troubling me...

If we do get accepted, how the heck am I getting to DC?! :-X I'm afraid to travel alone.... and no other valley poetas are going that I know of. BruBru's new work schedule is wild, and um... well... act now and think later right? I'll figure it out.