Savory Perks Reading went GREAT!

Yay, another successful reading under my nonexistant belt. As if I need a belt, my belly rolls over my jeans.

Ok so there's a picture I found from some generous audience member. I look so no nonsense right? Yeah ok... I had a good time the ambiance was GREAT. The open mic throughouly offended Bruno's poor mom... I knew the open mic would be a little raunchy but I didn't know there would be so much cussing, illspeak of God, and poems about homosexuals.
I mean... not that there's anything inherently wrong with poetry like that... but umm... Bruno's mom's a pretty religious person and yeah. I guess I invited her to the wrong reading.
But my poems went over well :D I sold some chapbooks so it was definately worthwhile. Made some friends too, and and and... oh enjoyed some very tastey coffee. Ok so I was pretty impressed.
I read twice, once toward the middle and then at the end to sum up the evening. As I was about to read "Original Sin" as like a... dessert poem I guess... Bruno says he heard a murmer of "oh this is a good one!". Yayyy! People not only like my poems but they remember them. That's a good sign.
Ah I'm so easy to please.

I will have more pictures up soon... Bruno took some wonderful shots but getting him to upload them from his camera is a bit of a pain in the butt. But I promise it will be worth the wait.

Back to creating. Such a tough life.