A Saturday Post?!


I'm not at work and yet I'm still on my blog?

Yes. I am thank you very much.

Ok so what's new? I sent out that packet to Cold Mountain Review (yay!) and I'm hoping that good news will follow. The Gloria Anzaldua conference proposal went out on Friday as well for another san antonio conference, and... let's see what else... mmm... I guess that's about it.

My next goal is to get a packet ready for the texas book festival. That's my weekend goal. Can I do it? Of course.

I figure that if I write a poem a week for the entire summer, that I'll be in smooth sailing for the thesis. So far I'm making good progress. I've got two poems finished since the spring semester finished, and it's only been like two weeks. They are by no means polished poems, but I can work on 'finishing' them up later.

Anyway that's what's new for me.