Psyched about tonight!!


Tonight I'm the featured poet at Savory Perks - Poetry Under the Stars!

I'm pretty excited :) I'll hit the stage at 7pm! I will of course bring my chapbooks and a pen to sign them~

Let's see... what else is new?

Well... I did a rushed submission to 2River View. It seemed pretty reputable enough, and if I get accepted yay and if not... I'm completely ok with that because maybe I can find a better place to publish my work. I'm not all high hopes about it (like Blackbird! Please please please please!).

Anyway just a little update. I've been doing LOTS of writing lately with my new found free time. So I'm cranking out poems like nobody's biz! I just need to edit and polish and such... which I may wait to do until the fall semester when I'm back in workshop mode. Right now I'm in create mode, which of course is the best mode there is :)