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The San Juan Spruce

So remember a few days back, when I received a wonderfully encouraging rejection letter from COR? Well, at the end of the note, the editor invited me to submit to the next issue. The issue I submitted to originally was "The American South". I have a complicated relationship with the "American South." I live, as you know, in deep south Texas, which really isn't considered a part of "the south" proper. But we're kind of south? I mean, you don't really get more geographically south than say, south Texas. And not only that, but... I'm not from here. I just have to open my mouth and people know I'm not from here. Whenever anyone asks, "where you from?" and I answer, "south Texas," I always get a smile -- "yes, but where are you ORIGINALLY from." I always get that. So I think me considering myself a southerner is irrelevant. I'm not one. My voice gives it away -- the way I say "about" and &quo

Encouraging Emails Make Me Feel All Warm and Fuzzy Inside

:-D Today, I got an email from none other than Molly Peacock! If you've read my West Chester Saga, you'll know the story: Girl decides to wear six inch heals, Girl gets caught in Philadelphia rain, Girl meets poet, Poet offers girl ride, girl feels giddy and talks poet's ear off, etc etc... Well long story short, Molly wanted to read my thesis. A few weeks ago (After taking an nth glance at it myself) I send it her way. And she got back to me today with some very encouraging comments. :-D Molly's pretty much my poetic idol. I've loved her poetry for... er... ever? And then when I met her, I was so unbelievably impressed with her as a person, too. Ok, so I have a poetry crush. Get over it. No, I can't get over it. Anyway, this made my day. In other slightly less interesting news, I've received two rejection letters today and I really don't care.

Rejection that Doesn't Hurt Too Too Bad

Yes, this rejection letter went up on the fridge.  It came in the mail yesterday, from Crab Orchard Review. I sent in my submission back in the dinosaur days when I still bought stamps, oh, 250 days ago. (note to self: buy stamps again) The first sentence: "Though your poems weren't selected for publication" and I stopped reading there, folded up the paper, and set it down near the trashcan. I didn't need to read the rest, I didn't get in... what else matters? Well, a few hours later, after I'd "gotten over it" and perhaps cracked open a certain beverage, I returned to the letter and proceeded to read it in its entirity. Afterall, I had met the editor, Allison Joseph, at West Chester a few months ago. If I loved her poetry and personality, maybe her rejection letters aren't all that bad. Turns out, its a personal rejection, encouraging me to submit again, and letting me know that I made it to the final round of consideration (hence, the 25

A Few Pics from Carinos

As promised! Ileana Garcia-Spitz once again took some great photos of the event. Love love love the way she does it!  Me! Brian Carr Brenda Nettles Riojas Edward Vidaurre, the man who put is all together. Me, again. Ed Clint, the talented guitarist, songwriter, poet.


Ok so my life's once again filled with poems. First, I'll begin with the best news. Conte will be publishing my poem, "South Texas Lawn Song." Conte's actually the only place I sent the piece, since it was so new! I've never had a poem accepted on its first run, so this is super encouraging. This summer, my poetic style is kind of morphing, and I think this is a sign that its morphing in a good direction. "South Texas Lawn Song" is different from my other poems, and took forrreverrr to get perfect. But now its perfect, and will be in a wonderful journal :-) The best part is that Conte is an ejournal, so you'll be able to read it right when it comes out. Yay! In other good news: I'm going to be interviewed! That's right, Brenda Nettles Riojas, the voice of Corozon Bilingue on our local public radio station, KMBH 88.1, asked me if I'd be willing to appear on her show sometime in the near future. I'll have details to come. But m

Breakwater Review Issue is Live!

So now you have another place to access my lovely work on the net! Check out Breakwater Review Issue 5 . Please do it right now I promise you won't regret it. And if that's not enough Katie poetry for you, may I also send you here: to the Writers of the Rio Grande website, where they've reprinted Chocolate Sundae. That's one of my favorites to read, since its about ice cream and other delicious things (like boys).  In other Katie news, I'm going to be reading at the next Carino's Cares event! Here's all the juicy details: Time Wednesday, July 13 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm Location Carino's Italian 421 E. Nolana Loop McAllen, TX More Info Enjoy an incredible night of Poetry paired with Pasta & Vino. Our MC for this special engagement is: Brenda Nettles-Riojas Brenda Nettles Riojas is the author of La Primera Voz Que Oí. She is working on her MFA in creative writing through the University of New Orleans and has completed resi

Let's See How Far We've Come...

I had a nice long weekend. Ok, backtrack -- I had a crappy long weekend. I've been sick to my stomach again, so much of my glorious time off was spent in bed. When I was up and about, I was either cleaning the house, or shopping for Bruno's birthday present. I promise, long winded story will have some significance, ok? I'm even going to quote Anzaldua. So be patient. On Friday eve, Bruno was feeling a bit antsy having been home with me the entire day. And he suggested we go to the movies. "Fine." I conceed. Whatever, I'm thinking to myself. I'm either about to vomit here, or about to vomit at the theater. What's the diff? He asks me what I want to see, and I tell him it doesn't matter. Whatever he wants. Next time, I'll choose! Bruno, being a man, wants to see Transformers III. Under normal circumstances, I would have wildly protested. But, eh, fine. Let's go. So off we go to the movies! $25 later we're in seated in the theater,