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You know what... as much as I loved NACCs, I'm glad its finally over. My the time I left my book signing, I was exhausted, poetryed out, and ready for some respite. Today I took a personal day from work, and decided to dedicate the day to me, not to writing, not to poems, not to cleaning or school work or anything in particular. So I'm blogging from my bed, under the covers, not wearing any pants (Gasp!), with my cat, Schnittie-poo, at my feet. Life is good, joyous, wonderful... and peaceful moments like right now help me appreciate the ups and downs, the waves of life. I'll post pictures soon, give a recap soon, reflect on my recent happenings soon. But today, I'm enjoying a moment of doing nothing, nothing, nothing at all :) PS - No upcoming readings. I won't be doing any for awhile... I need to refocus, decompress, and get into create mode again.

Exciting News!

Another pub!!! I was checking out my spam inbox, and I see an email titled Congratulations from Front Porch! Hooray! They will be publishing my poem, "La Pulga Beauties"! I was absolutely ecstatic, kicking and celebrating and wanting to dance but couldn't because I was laying down in the bed :-P As I was writing to inform other publications that "La Pulga Beauties" is no longer available, I check my submishmash account and... I see that my work with WordRiot has the status of "accepted"! Whaaa? A second lovely surprise. I don't know which poems yet, and haven't gotten an acceptance email just let, so I'm not calling it official until I get more notification. But looks like a good sign. And one more thing! I got a personal email from another editor today that they really liked one of my poems! Nothing about accepting or rejecting, but encouraging words always help. So I've had some mad wild success today. And the day isn't eve

Last night in Poetry Class...

I was called a 'model student'. Ok carry on with your regularly scheduled day people! I have to obsessively check duotropes digest for the nth time today.... Oh, before I head scoot off... Today I joined a new website, called Writers of the Rio Grande Valley (visit them here: And now my poem, "Reflections in the Rio Grande", is featured on their site. Check it out! :-) Of course I must mention, this poem first appeared in my now world famous chapbook, Among the Mariposas (hah!). LoL - have a good weekend, all :-)

Random Comment

It pleases me to see that people actually read my blog... maybe I should be a little bit more careful what I write X-D LOL! Nah, it wouldn't be 'katie's blog' anymore if I was. Happy V-day all! (Maybe that means vagina day to you, or valentines. whatever - i'm not here to judge.)

Happy Lovey Dovey Day :)

Ok so let me get this out of my system so that I may continue on to other more poetic subjects than just cliches - Today, I celebrate amazing love :) The amazing love between BruBru and I, the amazing love I have for my parental units and my bros, my friends, my poems, my life, the entire world. Today - its easy to be happy because I know that I'm loved more than I'll ever hope to understand. So this morning I wake up, and no there's nothing super romantic about my day. I went to my 'boot camp', surprised Brubru with some chocolates, and tonight I vow to dress very sexy. Other than that - normal day. I'm at work, writing poems, advising students, and blogging. My life is good. Anyway~ all of this aside. Would you like to see pictures of me reading my sexy poetry? Why of course you would!!! I loved this reading. Ambrosia is about the most lovely place you can hold a reading in McAllen. See them comfy sofas? I was surrounded by frien

Reading Tonight!

Phew, tis been a long week. My 'submission bomb' is in full force. Everyday this week I've sent out two packets of poems. I really hope I get at least one pub from all this work. I've already had a few rejections trickle in, but a particularly encouraging one from Barnwood made it not so bad. Ok. So I'm doing a reading tonight. Yes, I know - late to be posting but just in case anyone's not busy... My good friend Erika is organizing the event. That's her in the lovely picture :) I need to decide what I'm reading... shouldn't be hard, afterall - it seems that "all Katie ever writes about is sex" heh. see you tonight :)

Saddest thing ever... Saddest thing ever - didn't know the publishing biz was stuck in the 1920s ::elongated sigh::

Quick Update!

Gwah! I've been away from the blog for awhile. Reason why? My hands have been positively full! I'm juggling class, thesis, conferences, writing, submission (I've gone all wild submitting) and and and and and DrAmA of epic proportions. Aye... You know its bad when foul language gets flung like dung in the chimp exhibit at the zoo : ( And I would know - while I'm definitely not a connoisseur of cussing (bad words make me blush people), I am a former chimpanzee behavior researcher ;) Chimps, IMHO, are more civil than some poets (ahem!) and even some profs (ahem ahem!). Ok so now that's off my chest... Tomorrow I'm presenting at EGADS, at the University of Texas at Brownsville. I'm a lil nervous - mainly because today I was running through my presentation in front of my #1 fan, and my poems make us both blush X-D Geez, I knew they were sexy but not that sexy. But it's ok. I'll be fine, as long as my dad is not in the audience. heh... Nuff for to