Exciting News!

Another pub!!!

I was checking out my spam inbox, and I see an email titled Congratulations from Front Porch! Hooray! They will be publishing my poem, "La Pulga Beauties"!

I was absolutely ecstatic, kicking and celebrating and wanting to dance but couldn't because I was laying down in the bed :-P

As I was writing to inform other publications that "La Pulga Beauties" is no longer available, I check my submishmash account and... I see that my work with WordRiot has the status of "accepted"! Whaaa? A second lovely surprise. I don't know which poems yet, and haven't gotten an acceptance email just let, so I'm not calling it official until I get more notification. But looks like a good sign.

And one more thing! I got a personal email from another editor today that they really liked one of my poems! Nothing about accepting or rejecting, but encouraging words always help.

So I've had some mad wild success today. And the day isn't even over yet! Tonight, I'm reading at Cosina del Caribe, along with my fellow poets from El Valle y Mouthfeel Press tambien!

I'm excited :) What a glorious day :)