You know what...

as much as I loved NACCs, I'm glad its finally over. My the time I left my book signing, I was exhausted, poetryed out, and ready for some respite.

Today I took a personal day from work, and decided to dedicate the day to me, not to writing, not to poems, not to cleaning or school work or anything in particular. So I'm blogging from my bed, under the covers, not wearing any pants (Gasp!), with my cat, Schnittie-poo, at my feet.

Life is good, joyous, wonderful... and peaceful moments like right now help me appreciate the ups and downs, the waves of life.

I'll post pictures soon, give a recap soon, reflect on my recent happenings soon. But today, I'm enjoying a moment of doing nothing, nothing, nothing at all :)

PS - No upcoming readings. I won't be doing any for awhile... I need to refocus, decompress, and get into create mode again.