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Poet: A Full Time Job

If only, right? Yikes, life's gotten busy and complicated and beautiful. Who knew? So it's been about three weeks now since I've had time to put pen to paper and write. The quiet white page awaits, but my mind's simply been occupied. With? Teaching, readings, working, editing... Is it a coincidence that I've also successfully loaded a PSX emulator on my netbook and am replaying old RPGs? Oh, no no no... that has nothing to do with my most recent poetry failures... lol. So I think I need to get back to prioritizing. It's a constant struggle, but one that is oh so worthwhile :) In other more cheery news: I have some readings lined up! Tonight I will be participating in this: Sin Fronteras Virtual Poetry Reading Time Friday, October 14 · 8:30pm - 10:30pm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Location Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum Distance Learning Center ----------------------------------

Reading at Jitterz Coming Up!

I'll be busy getting my poems ready :-) Hope to see you there! Here's all the details (but, they've been hanging out on my sidebar for awhile now.. ahem): Time Saturday, October 8 · 8:00pm - 11:00pm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Location Jitterz Coffee Bar 1625 N. Conway Ave. Mission, Texas -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Created By Daniel Garcia Ordaz -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More Info October 8: Featured Readers: Katie Hoerth, award-winning author ofAmong The Mariposas and Wikki Writers. Featured Musician: Kim Snyder. M.C. Daniel GarcĂ­a Ordaz, author of You Know What I'm Sayin'?. Art That Heals, Inc. is gearing up for a new (9th) season of Coffee Talk Series @ Jitterz Coffee Bar in Mission, Texas monthly on Second Saturdays from 8 to 10:30 p.m.. Coffee Talk Series was sta