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MIA for awhile..

So I've been MIA for awhile. Yes, life was crazy. But also, well I didn't think it was important to continue writing in my blog. I left off with the great news of my upcoming book publication, Among the Mariposas. It should be out in about two weeks. I also found out it will be available on ;-) Now I know where to direct my eager eager fans (hah!). Ok what else? Oh, two new publications. My poetry will also be featured in Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review and will appear on Clean Sheets magazine for their next two weekly issues. I also will be receiving an "Outstanding Achievement Award" from my university for my recent publications and writing successes. Phew~! It's all coming together. Today it feels good to be Katie the writer. I got some professional author looking photos taken, too (by Bruno but whatever he's a pro). Being a poet is exciting :D I feel like I'm stricking the right cord, finally. Like I'm digging and I'm uncovering