MIA for awhile..

So I've been MIA for awhile. Yes, life was crazy. But also, well I didn't think it was important to continue writing in my blog.

I left off with the great news of my upcoming book publication, Among the Mariposas. It should be out in about two weeks. I also found out it will be available on Amazon.com ;-) Now I know where to direct my eager eager fans (hah!).

Ok what else? Oh, two new publications. My poetry will also be featured in Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review and will appear on Clean Sheets magazine for their next two weekly issues. I also will be receiving an "Outstanding Achievement Award" from my university for my recent publications and writing successes. Phew~! It's all coming together. Today it feels good to be Katie the writer.

I got some professional author looking photos taken, too (by Bruno but whatever he's a pro). Being a poet is exciting :D I feel like I'm stricking the right cord, finally. Like I'm digging and I'm uncovering something beautiful, meaningful, becoming a voice to be heard.

But I'm going to keep on. Lately I've been writing a bit, doing a lot of submissions, and working A LOT on various projects. It's hard for me to keep track of everything. This is why I missed writing in my blog. What poem is where? When did I submit that? Huh? LoL.

So current things that are 'pending'...

Bordersenses poems sent out (derrr I don't remember the date) To The Star Gazer and The Blue Moment

Conference proposal for Gloria Anzaldua in San Antonio

Um... THAT'S IT? Geez Katie get on the ball. I'm trying I'm trying.

I'm also putting together a workshop for beginning poets at the Valley International Poetry Festival on creating and publishing chapbooks, and I'm working on a book review for On the Line, a book by one of the professors at my university.

So I have a lot of work to do yet. I'm not even halfway there. Ugh. But you know what? Things are looking up for Katie the Poet in a way that they never have before. I feel like I'm starting to take off, starting to get noticed, and I like it. My CV is getting longer and longer and I'll continue to add to it until I get that coveted title of - Poet Professor Katie. Yep, that'll do nicely.

Anyway... one step at a time. I'll get there.