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Writers in Performance, Spring, and Other Katie News

Life, as usual, has been treating me well. Case in point: the photo above. Last week, I was fortunate to spend an evening at Lone Star College in the Woodlands as part of their wonderful Writers in Performance reading series. I had a great time meeting with students, community, and faculty at LSC. At first, I'll admit that I was a little intimidated with the idea of being a part of this reading series. It's one thing to be on a panel of poets, but it's a bit of a different experience to be the only one reading. Having and event that's "all about you" is a little, hmm... scary. What would I say, talk about, and read to keep people engaged for an extended period of time? It turned out to be not so scary, though. The first part of the reading was a Q&A with students, and truthfully, I spend so much time in front of students everyday, so that is no biggie. I really just chatted with them about how I got my start as a writer and tried to encourage them