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Editing While Female

So, y'all know I'm an editor, right? And I think it's pretty clear, at this point, that I'm a woman.  And apparently, it's hard to be a woman doing anything because misogyny exists, and it manifests all the time, sometimes in humorous ways. Take this, for example: A male submitted a poem to me. The poem's title was something along the lines of "Drunk Poem." It was bad. Not offensively bad, but, well, bad. I send him my customary rejection letter, which goes something like this: "Thank you for your submission. I appreciated the chance to read "Drunk Poem," but it's not a good fit for our journal at this time. I wish you the best of luck in placing this piece elsewhere. Sincerely, K"  To which submitter responds: "Thanks, Babe. What kind of poetry do you publish, then?"  -_- At first, I chuckled. How ridiculous. It reminded me of Rush Limbaugh. Or even something Donald Trump

Why Hello There, Spring Break!

My oh my is this semester flying by or what? Today is my unofficial start of spring break, and it's already been a wild and crazy semester. Somehow, though, a bit miraculously, I've been able to keep my head above that proverbial water. I'm not ridiculously behind with my grading. I feel on track with my teaching. I've traveled to Corpus Christi and to San Angelo. And I'm even ::gasp:: getting a little bit of writing done. Oh, and I'm training for a half marathon, too! I think I'm getting a hold of this whole time management thing. I've been stressed, but not a ridiculous amount of stress, more like just a healthy, "I got this" kind of stress. Good things. So, I thought with this little blogpost today, I thought I'd look back at a few of the significant events I've done so far and give some context and reflections on them. One of my goals this year is to expand my poetry circle. I love the valley, it's true, but I want t