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The Great Hibernation

That's exactly what I want to do for the next few weeks, sleep, sleep, and sleep some more... With my unofficial Texas book tour under my nonexistant belt (After this roadtrip, I don't need a belt...), I am now recovering from over a week of driving, reading, and celebrating. After my book signings, I had a family reunion to attend, which yes, was a great deal of fun. I have one of those marvelous, enormous, beer-drinking, jovial and loud Wisconsin families. There was much cheese to be had. But now I'm back in Tejas, back in my office, back at my quiet country home, ready to recharge for the craziness that will be my first year as a full-time professor. This. This peace and quiet is exactly what I need. So I'm off into hibernation. I've got a stack of books waiting for reviews, and a heart filled with poems and stories to write. And some good news to share: Katie Named a Quarter Finalist for the Mary Ballard Chapbook Prize! Ovid, you will be wearing cowg

On the Road Again...

This is going to be a quick and awkward blogpost -- sorry. I'm on the road, but wanted to update you all on recent happenings. First, the reason for my roadtrip? Why a book signing of course! Yesterday I picked up a big stack of books from Publisher (and finally got to meet him in person! Previously, we were just back and forth through emails and facebook. Chuck Taylor is delightful!). Anyway, yes, I will have books to sell and sign, so please come out if you are in the San Antonio area. I also got news yesterday that I got a new job. At a University. Full time. Teaching English. ::BREEATTHEEEE:: I found out via email at 4am. I proceeded to wake Bruno, who thought I was insane and maybe I was temporarily. The dept. chair made the grave mistake of giving me her cell phone number... which I had to call just to hear it spoken aloud. I proceeded to pinch myself to further insure I wasn't dreaming. I'll be teaching majority freshmen rhet and comp courses at the Uni

Maria Miranda Maloney Talks Chaps y Mas

Readers, This is, what I hope to be, a first in a series of interviews and conversations with poets and publishers about chapbooks and... other things! To begin, I interviewed Maria Miranda Maloney, the founder and publisher of Mouthfeel Press. What a treat! She was kind enough to take some time out of her incredibly busy schedule as a publisher, poet, mom, wife, and gardener extraordinaire! The lovely Maria Miranda Maloney! First off, maybe you can tell me a little bit about Mouthfeel Press. I mean, I love Mouthfeel (I think every one of my blog readers already know that) but maybe give us a general idea about your team and your projects. How did it all get started, anyway? Katie, thank you so much for including MFP. I love MFP. I love the name. I love the publishing mission. I love the authors that have courageously placed their work and faith into my hands. Mouthfeel Press started as a seed idea many years ago while I was working in journalism and public relati

It's Official!

The Garden Uprooted has been released by Slough Press!  If you've preordered, your specially signed copy will be on its way shortly. If you haven't, well... no worries! You can still get your hands on my first full collection of poetry! The book is now available at: Barnes and Noble Amazon If you'd like a signed copy, email me at -- you'd either have to catch me on my book tour next week, or mail me a check. So what's this book about, you might be asking. That's, truthfully, a tough question to answer, though I think I'm getting better at it now. The book is, of course, a collection of poetry that addresses different archetypes of femininity in fairy tales, mythology, and the Bible. It's about forging an identity, the roots -- place, gender, sexuality, language, and culture. And it's all set in Deep South Texas. Anyways, that's me. But if you look on the book's back cover: Welcome to the up