So I've been thinking a bit about chapbooks lately...

Mainly because I just finished up my latest chapbook manuscript and am beginning the arduous task of carting it around to potential publishers, holding it up and smiling all dorky.

No no, that's generally not the way it goes...

Anyway, this book had a curious beginning. You see, after The Garden Uprooted got picked up by a publisher, I felt this strange and overwhelming sadness that I wasn't exactly prepared to experience. Sure, yes, there was the initial goofy dancing and cheering once I got the news, but once that faded, I was left with the realization that the book, my book, the baby I'd been working on for seven years, was out of my hands.

I'll admit it -- a little hard to accept.

So after my intial grief (mixed with crazy joy, yes, my first book would soon be out!) I had this need to continue, to move forward, to create something new to cherish.

Enter What Plagues the Goddess

My latest creation! A new chappie!

(Which, again, ok, still no publisher, but whatever, I'm working on that bit)

And I have to say, honestly, putting together a chapbook is... so very different! I thought for the next few weeks, if possible, I'm going to tackle a few questions with my blog. First -- what is a chapbook? Why do poets create them? Are they just pitstops on the way to full-blown-bookhood? Or is there something intrinsic and different about our beloved little chappies? And then, I'm going to explore a few examples of this peculiar genre posting ::gasp:: some reviews!

Want to come along for the ride? Drop me a comment! Or even better -- do YOU have a chapbook? Would YOU like me to review it on my blog? Send me an email and let's work it out!

So, July? You're going to be pretty fantastic, aren't you?