On the Road Again...

This is going to be a quick and awkward blogpost -- sorry. I'm on the road, but wanted to update you all on recent happenings.

First, the reason for my roadtrip? Why a book signing of course!

Yesterday I picked up a big stack of books from Publisher (and finally got to meet him in person! Previously, we were just back and forth through emails and facebook. Chuck Taylor is delightful!). Anyway, yes, I will have books to sell and sign, so please come out if you are in the San Antonio area.

I also got news yesterday that I got a new job. At a University. Full time. Teaching English. ::BREEATTHEEEE::

I found out via email at 4am. I proceeded to wake Bruno, who thought I was insane and maybe I was temporarily. The dept. chair made the grave mistake of giving me her cell phone number... which I had to call just to hear it spoken aloud. I proceeded to pinch myself to further insure I wasn't dreaming.

I'll be teaching majority freshmen rhet and comp courses at the University of Texas Pan American. I'm unbelievably humbled and in shock. My brother told me, "Kate, you have found your way out of adjunct purgatory!" and indeed, I suppose I have, remarkably quickly and... I just don't know what else to say about it...

Hopefully I'll be more coherent at a later date. Tonight, it's off to my reading and then likely something romantic-y on the riverwalk to celebrate. Woohoo!