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"I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am." - Philippians 4:11 If there's one Biblical verse I wish I could embody... Although I think I'm getting better at being content no matter what, I still need to remember to always be grateful. I've been so fortunate to have a great life filled with love. Of course no one has a perfect life, but I think mine is pretty damn great :-) But should those circumstances change, would I still be content? Anyway, today I felt truly inspired. I attended a presidental forum at my university, yes MY university. :-P I've been here all my adult life, either as an undergrad, grad student, and now as an employee. But anyway - the final presidental canidate for the university was a... CREATIVE WRITER! A fiction writer! Needless to say my 'vote' will be cast for him. He was so inspirational - well spoken, bilingual, and he had that quirky quality that any true artist pocesses. It's amazing to me how ad


My gloomy gloomy Monday is bleeding into my Tuesday. I watched the sun rise this morning from my sofa, looking out my front window. This daily miracle usually lifts my spirits, but today I had no such luck. I find it truly amazing how attached we can become to animals, and their passing brings about a different kind of grief. Simply put - it's completely and utterly irrational. Then again, that's just the nature of emotions. I didn't want to get out of bed this morning, which caused me to be late for work. To make matters worse, I found out today my work was not accepted into a certain journal. But! I will persist. If I've learned anything in my years here, I've learned that when you work towards something with your heart, you eventually achieve it. So, in attempt to keep my hopes alive and well this morning I have submitted to TAMIU Reflections. At least if I get a rejection letter, it will be when my spirits are higher and I'm better able to cope. Until


Today I simply feel the need to admire other poets... I feel a total lack of inspiration for my own personal writing, and when this happens the best thing to do is to just read. "Like a secret screamed into a late night taxi" "Low winter sun vignetted the room" "Like a gambler flicking his wrist drawing fate closer" "Sunlight breaking the bones behind my eyes" "Ashes fall from his cigarette like astericks" "Where the ocean licks her flesh" "Why hesitate like an older man's hand on my thigh" Now if only I could write like that... Anna Journey is officially my new heroo!


"the person who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and the person who sows generously will also reap generously" - 2 Corinthians 9:6 I suppose the Bible is the best place to turn to for advice in all things. I don't think this quote could be more true for the simple act of writing. Just something for me to digest and think about. I set aside time everyday to kneel down and pray (although... truthfully, praying while the conditioner soaks into my hair doesn't exactly make me a portrait of Godliness...) and lately I've been taking the time to journal about what I'm eating and how I'm exercising... so the next logical step in improving my being would be to put my butt to the chair and write what flows out :-) yeah... it's glamorous. It's time to make ME a priority, my spiritual, physical, and now finally my artistic self. Balance? I think someday I'll achieve it. Well I haven't heard back from the Monitor or 13th moon, but patience is

Ever have one of those days?

I am an occasional sufferer of anxiety. I am (apparently) a person who must drink coffee... all day... everyday... I am a rain hater - because it makes my hair frize I am a cat hair attracter I am (unfortunately) on a diet I am (also unfortunately) not losing weight I am (always) hungry...! I am awkward in a not cute sort of way I am a walker I am a talker.. behind your back ;-) I am not stupid. I am a procrastinator and a go-getter at the exact same time I am a tight clothes wearer I am a high heels lover... and hater. I am good with kids. I am... almost out the door today! Anyways, today I submitted "Black D'orsays" so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that good things happen. I have to keep motivated. I have to keep trying. More importantly, I have to keep writing!


Well I finished an end product of the poem "Poetic Release" that I began last week, so this is definately good news for me. If only I was more dedicated to my writing... it just takes an hour or so a day to really improve. I have an hour a day, but I prefer to waste it laying in bed doing nothing. Anyway, I'm working on getting some poems out there. What's my game plan? Maybe if I put it here in writing I'll be more motivated to follow it! ASAP! 13th moon for Black D'Orsays TAMIU - by september 30th (find something to submit!) DPC - pick something before Nov 30th Alimentum - try betty crocker ;-) There it is! Now do it Katie. OK...

Just an exercise in writing

Feeling a little... steamy? Your eyes penetrate my every stanza - you begin at the top of my forehead and with careful - graceful - loving - touch, you slowly work your way down - scanning over my imperfect linebreaks and rolling piles of my language - You roll your tongue over my syllables - silently - to yourself and -stop- when you feel you're just too deep inside of me. To the smooth rhythm of my words you continue to read deeper into my - self. I'm sorry I'm not your perfect Sestina. Naked and exposed - I stand in front of you With lines that run too long thick stanzas. Run your eyes and tongue through my poetics And make me feel - (vulnerable) - like a woman. Hmmm... this is a seed for a future poem. I'm just playing with words at the moment... i love my job :)