Ever have one of those days?

I am an occasional sufferer of anxiety.

I am (apparently) a person who must drink coffee... all day... everyday...

I am a rain hater - because it makes my hair frize

I am a cat hair attracter

I am (unfortunately) on a diet

I am (also unfortunately) not losing weight

I am (always) hungry...!

I am awkward in a not cute sort of way

I am a walker

I am a talker.. behind your back ;-)

I am not stupid.

I am a procrastinator and a go-getter at the exact same time

I am a tight clothes wearer

I am a high heels lover... and hater.

I am good with kids.

I am... almost out the door today!

Anyways, today I submitted "Black D'orsays" so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that good things happen. I have to keep motivated. I have to keep trying. More importantly, I have to keep writing!