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So Begins the Spring Semester!

Ok, so really, it began like a week ago, but last week was a little crazy for me. The first week of the semester is ALWAYS crazy in general, though this time it was particularly so due to medical b.s. I had my appointment with another specialist last Monday, and she wanted to do a bunch of tests, which required a trip to the outpatient hospital. All of this really threw me for a loop so my first week was a big wonky. I hope students didn't notice too much. Fortunately, that's now behind me and I feel like I'm actually in the swing of things. This spring, my schedule is actually quite flexible, which is nice. I'm teaching two hybrid online courses, one fully online course, and one "traditional" course. I'm on campus twice a week, Mondays and Wednesdays, though it's for the entire day. So far, it's working pretty nicely. On my days at home, I grade, plan, and, surprisingly, I've actually been able to write, albeit a little bit.  So, in the

Welcome, 2017!

Well, it's day two of this brand new year, 2017. Of course, this makes one naturally reflective, so, aside from getting over my little hangover yesterday, I've been contemplating the kind of writer, teacher, and human being I want to be in 2017. Where is there room for improvement? What do I need to work on? What would I like to accomplish this year? Those are all really big questions. The big thought that's continually run through my head is that, all things considered, I'm doing a pretty decent job at this whole life thing. My career is on track. My health (or at least the things I can control about it) is excellent. I have meaningful relationships with people I love. My house could use to be a bit cleaner but bleh. So, the whole "new year, new you" thing isn't going to work for me, as it never does, because I like the old me too much. There's no need for a new Katie because old Katie is fine. Last year, according to my blog, I wanted to finish