"I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am." - Philippians 4:11

If there's one Biblical verse I wish I could embody...

Although I think I'm getting better at being content no matter what, I still need to remember to always be grateful. I've been so fortunate to have a great life filled with love. Of course no one has a perfect life, but I think mine is pretty damn great :-) But should those circumstances change, would I still be content?

Anyway, today I felt truly inspired. I attended a presidental forum at my university, yes MY university. :-P I've been here all my adult life, either as an undergrad, grad student, and now as an employee. But anyway - the final presidental canidate for the university was a... CREATIVE WRITER! A fiction writer!

Needless to say my 'vote' will be cast for him. He was so inspirational - well spoken, bilingual, and he had that quirky quality that any true artist pocesses. It's amazing to me how adaptable we, writers, are. We can mold our strengths into anything really, any number of professions and creativity truly can take you to the top.

Anyway, I just have a newfound respect for writers in general. God willing, our next president of utpa will be a creative writer ;-)

Now to get back to my own writing... I'm wrestling right now with a few ideas... I really want to capture the characters of a few of my students before they fade from my memory (like Deisy or Ana) and I have this current obsession (well... sort of) with the river... hmm...