Happy Lovey Dovey Day :)

Ok so let me get this out of my system so that I may continue on to other more poetic subjects than just cliches -

Today, I celebrate amazing love :) The amazing love between BruBru and I, the amazing love I have for my parental units and my bros, my friends, my poems, my life, the entire world.

Today - its easy to be happy because I know that I'm loved more than I'll ever hope to understand.

So this morning I wake up, and no there's nothing super romantic about my day. I went to my 'boot camp', surprised Brubru with some chocolates, and tonight I vow to dress very sexy. Other than that - normal day. I'm at work, writing poems, advising students, and blogging. My life is good.

Anyway~ all of this aside. Would you like to see pictures of me reading my sexy poetry? Why of course you would!!!

I loved this reading. Ambrosia is about the most lovely place you can hold a reading in McAllen. See them comfy sofas? I was surrounded by friends, family (my mommy!) and genuinely good company. Everyone drank and was merry. I was just missing BruBru - alas - he was with my daddy up in Austin picking up a new motorcycle.

I read "Garden of Dresses" and "Not the Sonnet you Dream Of" before my mom got antsy and wanted to go home. But it was a good night!

Want to know something even more exciting?

On Sunday I was out and about with my mom shopping (yay new clothes) and we're about to pay for hair dye (not for me I'm a natural blonde ehem!) when the cashier takes a close look at me. "Are you a poet?" she asks.

Why yes, yes I am! I reply - wondering what it is about me that gives away my poetic abilities (hehehe)

She proceeds to tell me that she's seen me at readings X-D and that she likes my work. Yayyyy!!!!!!!

So so so... I was a little bit flattered. This is the second time someone's 'recognized' me. It's good for the poet ego - just a little bit.

Hmm... what else? Oh, the program's up and ready for the Cosina del Caribe reading on the 24th. I'm indeed very excited about this. Here's the program. Are you ready for some PoEmS?!


FEBRUARY 24, 2011
@ Cocina del Caribe**
Mission, TX

MC: Daniel Garcia Ordaz

8:00pm Featured Readers
Lady Mariposa
Emmy Pérez
Lina Suarez
Erika Marie Garza-Johnson
Noemi Martinez
Katherine Hoerth

Lauren Espinoza

8:35pm Cosecha Voices
Bilma Garza
Yesenia Cardenas
Anna Muñoz

8:45pm Special Guest Reader
ire'ne lara silva
9:15-10pm Open Mic and Booksigning

*Sponsored by the Mexican American Studies program at UTPA in collaboration with the NACCS Tejas Regional Conference hosted by the Mexican American Studies Program at South Texas College

**About Cocina del Caribe:
Caribbean, Sandwiches, Entrees under $10, Vegan-Friendly, Beer and Wine Served. Please visit their website to view their menu: http://cocinadelcaribeonline.com/
(956) 519-9111

Directions from STC to Cocina del Caribe:

Head West on Pecan BLVD.
Pecan BLVD will turn into E. Griffin Parkway
Turn left (south)on N. Conway AVE
Cocina del Caribe is at 523 N. Conway

One last thing before this girly signs off -

I wrote a new poem today and hmmm... well... here's a little peekie poo -

She stoops
behind her Adan – his wild chest hair, his open

mouth grin - behind the swaying fronds

of palms that shield her eyes from Adan’s erect

OH MY! :)