Just a few thoughts...

Well, I'm back in class.

And it's a GREAT thing I am! I already feel myself more inspired, more motivated to write. I'm reading and thinking too...

So what is it that makes a good poem? Is it the imagination of the writer? Her structure? The way she uses language? Or is it something more? Anyway, I was reading an essay about writing poems, and it brought up an interesting point. It stated that poems stem from (duh!) our thought process. And when we're writing, and our mind goes off on a tangent, that's a good thing! My mind often goes off on tangents, so I need to remember to cherish and record these. There's a reason I'm thinking about thing x, and thing x needs to go in a poem. Something like that...

But I've always known that when your mind makes a leap, it's usually a good thing. I'm vowing today to follow my stream of consciousness more in my brainstorming, and let my mind wonder. I bet I'll come up with something slightly interesting...

Anyway, we did a writing exercise in class last night. Here's what I came up with

I can tell you what I need
is a miracle - to flow
through his body, to open
him like an over ripe pear - split
down the middle - exposing
soft flesh - embrace
the core, seeds, and to make him whole

I can tell you what I really need
is my body -
to stiffen taut and tight
around my once fragile bones -
to brace the world around me - to stand
when it falls - to need
to not be needed so
damn much.

I like to write about bodies, but does that mean I'm always writing about sex? NO!

Just a few thoughts...