I recently had the absolute pleasure of writing an obituary for a very dear friend. Actually, he was my father in law. I asked my husband and my husband's mom about his life and accomplishments, and they had a lot of wonderful things to say about him. He served in world war 2, did research on the nuclear bomb, graduated from college as a mechanical engineer, owned and operated businesses in mexico, married a 19 year old woman (when he was 50!), had (at least) 3 wonderful children, retired comfortably and left a sizable amount of money to his wife. What a life...

Now, of course aside from grieving this loss (i was pretty close with father in law) I've been doing a bit of reflecting on my own life. What would my future obituary read? If I died today, what kind of an impact have I left? Eh. Not much of one, but then again Jim was 90 and I'm 23... I have a few years to catch up.

Katie's Accomplishments (so far...)

2004 (age 17) graduated from highschool a year early
2005 (age 18) met and married wonderful hubby
2007 (age 20) graduated from UTPA with BA in English (Cum Laude, I might add), also got first professional job as Reading teacher at Santa Rosa ISD, began MFA program at UTPA
2008 (age 21) bought first house :) awww... my little love nest....
2009 (age 22) began working at UTPA as an academic advisor
2010 (age 23) first book published!

ok... so not THAT impressive... what can I do to change this?

by the time I'm...

24 - finish MFA! BOOYA!
25 - Publish another book, this one on feminism!
26 - begin working as a professor, or at least lecturer...
27 - finish a second masters degree, MLS
30 - finish PHd in literature
31 - another book? definately!
32 - have first child... aww... either maxwell or gracie.
35 - have second child, then convince bruno to get neutered...
40 - still have my rockin' bod, and be moving up academic ranks, and have published at least 5 books!
50 - be somewhat known in poetry/fiction realm. publish at decent selling book... preferably a novel by now.
60 - own 60 cats. i'm kidding! maybe? continue writing/publishing, never stop!
70 - ok definately by 70 become that old cat lady that lives on the end of the street.

what about 80? 90?? hopefully by that time I'll just be content with life, travel, write, and enjoy time with my family.
I want to be like my father in law was, with his family to the very end in his own home and bed.

I think you can do it, Katie. You're already well on your way. Then, will I have an interesting obituary? Maybe.