An eventful morning

Sort of.

And I haven't had enough coffee. Ugh. Right about now my brain is completely shutting down from caffine deprivation. I'm such a pathetic addict it's not even funny. I drank just about an entire pot since 7am this morning, and I'm ALREADY shutting down. And I wonder why my stomech is completely messed up....

This aside, I find out today that I've been nominated for an award :-D Yay! I hope I get it. I'll post more details when I get them~ apparently a prof that I've never met forwarded my manuscript (I didn't even know it was common knowledge that I had a published manuscript) to contest thing and yay, I'm nominated. So this MIGHT result in my being invited to a conference in Fort Worth, but I will of course not count on it.

So other than that... I've been busy reading today. I was reading my current poetry hero, Kim Addonizio. I think she will always be my poetic hero from now on :-D Anyway, she has this fairly new book out, Ordinary Genius, which is kind of like a reference book on writing poetry. It has essays on craft, writing exercises, advice for beginning poets and experienced poets, ect. So one of her chapters is titled Read This.

And it basically shames aspiring poets (ahem... me!) for not reading enough poetry, for wanting to DO more than STUDY. Ugh. Ok, I'm guilty of that. I spend MUCH more time with my pen and journal than I do with my books. I'm a failure, my writing sucks, ect, I KNOW.

So I started doing a little bit more reading this morning. I openned up my Contemporary American Poetry collection, and stumbled upong Charles Martin's E.S.L. - "My frowning student carve/me monsters out of prose" hah... takes me back to grading papers as a teacher.

Anyway, I also read some B.H Fairchild's reflections on beauty (hilarious! "since here were two grown men were talking about 'beauty'/instead of scratching their crotches and cursing") but my new favorite poem for today is Sharon Old's The One Girl at the Boys' Party. Here it is online... on someone else's blog... someone else who went through the work of typing it... which I am too lazy to do at the moment

So that's my eventful day. This afternoon, I will write. Write write write. Maybe read a little bit more, too. (Please don't slap me across the face, Ms. Addonizio)