Katie's Summer Plans

"If you think swimming in cheese in impossible, clearly, you've never been to Wisconsin"

LoL. I love it.

Ok so it has nothing to do with poetry but everything to do with... nothing?


So life's really slowwwwwwwwed down for me lately. My last grade posted yesterday and ya, I got an A :D

That marks the official end of my MFA days.

::elongated sigh::

so now what the heck do I do?

Well, I'm signed up for my 'free' graduate class at UTPA just because I can. I'm taking a South Texas Literature class this summer, and looking forward to it very much. I think I need more of a literature background, and I'm eager to start doing research/writing scholarly conference papers. Next academic year, I want to hit the conference circuit with more than just a mouth full of poems.

Other summer plans? Of course I've got the WCU poetry conference which I'm psyched about aaaandd... hmmm, well... that about does it! So it should be a pretty easy going few months for me. Once fall rolls around, I'll be taking another American Lit class (I'm excited to read some Kathy Acker)and uh... that's about it!

Notice how I've failed to mention PhD apps? Ugh, yes, yes, I know. I'm putting it off yet another year. Geez what's wrong with me? Well, the beloved and I came to a ground breaking compromise last night. I shall wait one more year to pursue the PhD in exchange for having the lisence to move our humble little family to wherever the heck I want. So, that opens up dreamy schools to me like UW-Madison, Denver, and even... (gasp) schools on the east coast. It's worth it. I don't want to be tied to Texas, and if I have to give up a year... eh. I can totally do that. It's reasonable. In this time, I will be working on getting a mss. published, anyway.

Plus, this takes a bit of the 'heat' off of me to create a stellar writing sample this summer. So, if I don't spit one out in my south texas lit class, tis ok. I'll have a few more semesters to let it brood.

Ok, enough rambles for today. I must get back to more productive things, like watching Desperate Housewives and eating lasagna.


  1. "wait one more year to pursue the PhD in exchange for having the lisence to move our humble little family to wherever the heck I want"<----a GREAT plan!

    "schools on the east coast"<----even BETTER!

    Here's wishing you much joy!


  2. LoL! Thanks Nayelly. Yeah, I just think it's the best option :) I would lovee to move to the east coast or or or... Wisconsin (lol, ok, because that's where I'm from and kind of homesick)


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