Good News!

Another one of my poems will be featured in the summer 2011 issue of Breakwater Review.

Hooray! Hooray!

This particular poem, "The Cornfields," has gone through so many revisions... so I'm excited to see the final version in print. It was originally a poem written about one of my students as a teaching in Santa Rosa, but its morphed into... something else...

Of course, link will promptly be posted here on mi blogita once its published.

Alongside "The Cornfields" will be "What They Told the Girl with Bite Marks on Her Lips," another poem that began as me writing about a student and morphed into... something else... slightly more sinister.

What's my problem? LOL. I think I need to go back into teaching public school. I got some good material there, and then grad school morphed my brain into an organ that thinks rather strangely.

On a lighter note:

I gave a presentation yesterday on Caballero. But I got so caught up in the romance and drama of the book, I think I forgot to mention more important things (like my post colonial reading of it, and a Marxist POV). I love the sensational. I read with my uterus first. Got a problem?

LOL. Like I said, grad school gave me some strange thoughts. And then I'm kind enough to share them with YOU :-D