Maybe It's the Weather

But today I was having one of those days.

You know the type -- when you have an exuberant amount of crushing self doubt? It happened to me today as I was driving home for lunch. You see, I'm working on this poem, and... I started thinking to myself -- ugh, I'm nothing but a big ugly ball of cliches. And when I write poems, I'm doing nothing but piling up a big ol' skein of words that have already been written, and regurgitating them, Katie style.

How utterly depressing, right?

And then I started thinking about my NaNo manuscript. Who would ever want to read it? It's pathetic, and stupid, and also a bunch of plot cliches all wrapped up together and spit out mixed with my very acidic stomach fluid. I wanted to throw my USB drive in the toliet in one big emo temper tantrum.

Ack. Self doubt. I hate it.

But I'm working through it.

How about a sexy tidbit about trees? You know you love it:

But even trees rejoice the snow’s

arrival, leaves of oaks fall to
the ground like satin lingerie.

Let’s stand like January trees
and celebrate the naked limbs

Oh my... oh my oh my oh my.