How Katie Takes Rejection, and Other Confessions of a Would Be Drama Queen

So I know I promised this year I would grow that writerly thick skin I need... you'd think that after all the rejection letter's this girl's received in her lifetime, I would be over it. I'd be tough. ::Flexes::

and... you see, I thought I was but...

I guess I'm not. Today I got a certain rejection letter and it's stinging a bit more than I thought it would. So what to do, what to do, to rid myself of these rejection blues?

Normally I:

1. Toss a few submissions out into the universe

This normally works in making me feel better because, well, it helps me to have many balls in the air at once. That way, I'm never really counting on just one journal/publisher/job. So, maybe that's what I need to do to shake this ugly feeling.

2. Create

Ah yes, there's nothing better than creating to rid one's mind of this. In fact, lately, I've been turning to my novel whenever life isn't working out how I'd like it to. I don't know, it helps me to have another world to escape to. So... perhaps tonight, it'll just be me and my characters...

3. Go for a run

Yes. Go for a run. You know, when I treat my body well, it has this amazing affect on my mood. But the opposite is true, too. So, no binging on chocolate, GOT THAT? Got it. Gwahhhh!

4. Update my C.V.

For some reason, and call me full of myself if you'd like, but updating and going through the details of my C.V usually brings me out of a funk. I look and think to myself -- gosh darn look at all the wonderful things I've accomplished. I've come a long way. So, instead of letting rejection and failure get to me, why not celebrate success?

5. And when all else fails, there's always alcohol.


This did make me feel a little bit better though. Couldn't have been more timely.


  1. eHug!

    Making lists appears to be helpful. XD

  2. Awww thanks Marly! Could use the ehugs... my rejection mission is going a little too well.


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