NaPoWriMo #7

Today's prompt was to take a walk, go on a journey, and take mental notes. I obeyed.

It’s spring and trees unravel catkins, bits
of pollen cling to strands of hair
Hidden in honeysuckle color.
It has to happen, right?

I ask. He nods. I think of worlds
Bursting open, how grains of pollen sail
In the wind and nestle in the right spot
And make a seedling spring to life.

Sure, sure, he says and pats my shoulder.
I think of all the magic I believe,
Take into the sidewalk cracks of my heart
and let bloom into faith beneath pavement.

A sparrow, one small enough to tuck
into my pocket,hops and pecks at crumbs.
A grackle puffs blue and black,
his dead yellow eyes fixated
on the crumbs at my feet.

A sago’s leaves begin their journeys soft,
Curl and harden as the seasons pass.
The grackle crows. The sparrow startles,
Flutters away.
And still to me, underneath this heavy sun,
When we piece our flesh together,

Worlds open.


  1. I didn't know we had sparrows here in TX, shows you all I know of birds. Grackles, yes -- tons. Cardnals. And those morning doves, of course.

    So nice to meet another Texas poetry nut via Blogger.

    And yes, it is amazing how pollen always finds it's way, like humans do.

  2. Hi Jannie!

    Thanks for findin' me! :)

    Sparrows? Yeah, I have those here! I live on the tip of Texas, so we have a pretty diverse bird population. I'm just writing about those common little field sparrows. They're so cute! Don't see cardinals too often though, just every ONCE in a great while around these parts.

    And yes, "nut" is a very accurate way to descibe me X-D

    So happy to read your comments. Thanks again!



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