I Fail at Rejection

How can one fail at rejection?

Well, I'm apparently apt at failing at numerous things.

In 2012, I declared that I would earn 100 rejection letters and celebrate every single one.How did I do?

I received 95 rejection letters in 2012.


Gwahhhhhh! So close!

I'm going to admit that I totally began losing steam when I started teaching, and my submissions trickled down to MAYBE one per week.

Anyway, the real point of this mission was to put myself out there and to hopefully get more acceptances.

This year, I received 11 acceptances. Not bad, not bad.

That puts me at almost 12%!

My stats last year?

9 acceptances/92 rejections, which is about 10%.

So I think I'm going in the right direction.

 Will 2013 be the year of 100 rejection letters?

No. No it will not.

I need to reflect a little more before I declare my writerly goals this year, but the main one is finding some sort of workable balance between creative time and teaching time. It's been tough balancing the two, and it's not really the TIME but the mental space and energy. So my goal for 2013 is to work into some sort of writing routine that allows for continuous writing. I've signed up for a daily writing challenge, as I seem to do well at these external deadline thingamabobs. I think that might be a good start.

Anyway, so I'm more focused on creating rather than submitting this year. I hope to have a new full manuscript ready for submission by the end December. I've got about 30 pages of poems towards it, so it's a doable goal.

Beyond that? I hope to keep a healthy (and reasonable) submitting process, to write and publish 2 new book reviews, and to figure out how to balance (also) my poetry/fiction aspirations.

I've got some work to do. Let's call 2013 the year of finding balance. :)

And now, reading back at my 2012 post, I realize I disclosed my weight (WHY DID I DO THAT???). I'll do that one last time -- 115. It looks as though I've lost 9 pounds since then! Sweet.