Hello, Summer!

Wondering why I have a picture of me and a tiny kitten? Ok, I'll start off by explaining that bit.

The neighbors' cat had kittens on my patio. After an unfortunate accident involving their dog, the mom decided to abandon the brood. Low and behold, Bruno and I have taken them in. It's summer; I need a project, aside from finishing my second full manuscript of course. So for the next four weeks or so, I'll be raising two rambunctious and ridiculously cute kittens. Hopefully, by the time they're old enough to be adopted, I'll be able to let them go. Since, like, I already have five cats and am one Bruno away from becoming THAT crazy cat lady at the end of the street...

I digress.

This summer, I'll be teaching the second summer session. So I'm going to be busy from mid July to the end of August. But! I do have now until mid July off, so, aside from successfully raising (and letting go of) these kittens, my plans include:

1. Finish 2nd full poetry manuscript. In two months? Seriously, Katie? Hey, a girl can dream, right? Anyway, at the moment I'm about 30 pages in. I need about 20 more. I think a more realistic goal will be to have 10 pages of poetry finished. I'm a bit slow, but maybe I can get more done.

2. Submit submit submit chapbook manuscript. I know this is a good manuscript.

3. Write book review for Boxcar

4. Blog! Yes, I want to get back in the swing of regular blogging

5. Read! For pleasure, not just for writing reviews. I'm currently reading Anna Karenina and still working my way through Metamorphoses. I need to read more.

6. Eh... somewhere in the mix, revise my syllabus and plan a kick-ass summer course. Eh. Maybe.

7. Relax. Learn how to take it easy. Stop focusing so much on goals.


A summer state of mind. I love it.

I vow NOT to work too hard. I vow to only work on enjoyable things. I vow to sleep in, to stay in my PJs, to not leave my house, to drink wine, to write, to read, to kick back

and of course, to snuggle my new kittens.