Settling Down for a Long Winter's Nap

So, this is weird.
I've returned to my home in Edinburg for the holiday, and it feels very strange to be back in my old office, hanging out with the cats. B and I made the trip down here on Sunday night/early Monday morning, and I've been in recovery mode ever since. My body hasn't quite caught up on sleep from the madness that was last week.
I'm just not very good at being on vacation, though, and sometimes, the stillness makes me feel even more anxious than the bustle of my usual semester. While having lunch yesterday, B explained to me, from a physics standpoint, that nothing or no one is ever completely "still." We're all orbiting around the galaxy at incredibly fast speeds, and we never stop. We're also orbiting around the sun. And we're rotating, too. And on a subatomic level, we're always bustling with movement. So that's why it's so impossible for me to be still!
Ted, my cat, seems to have the right idea. Rascal, who sits on my lap, has seemingly mastered the art of stillness, and his warm weight encourages me to linger a little longer, too. Maybe I'm learning. Probably not.
During the break, I do want to get caught up with some of the press business I fell behind with. I have a new course to design, too, so that will take some effort. And of course, I want to write. But I want to write freely and without expectations, to playfully work on some new poems. And then there's video games...
Anyway, I'm looking forward to a relatively quiet month. I need to catch my breath for the whirlwind of spring that lies ahead. I'll be ready for it.