Napo 12: To Juliet

 Spending some time this morning getting caught up! This was the prompt from Sunday. 

To Juliet


Juliet, did you know, generations later,

That your teenaged love and angst

Would still inspire generations?


I mean, I remember that feeling,

That end of the world feeling

In my own heart if I couldn’t be


With HIM, who now that I’m older,

I hardly remember. The boy I loved

At fourteen. Goodness, girl.


I remember that feeling, that

Eclipsing feeling of young love,

That force of gravity, that gravity


That takes you by your ankles

And pulls you into the depths

Of yourself. I remember that.


I remember that, Juliet.

For me, a boy with a basketball,

He dribbled across the court.


My own world, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing.

As a million high school girls

Read your story, and Romeo’s, too,


They can see their faces

Their hearts beating back at them,

And know they’re not alone.


Juliet, if love is a force like gravity

Binding us together, pulling

Us you into your early grave,


If it’s everywhere, Juliet, as strong

And powerful as when you first felt it

Before it became something your body


Would learn to deal with,

Like in physics class, me,

As a girl, learning the formula.


I guess what I’m trying to say to you,

In your grave, Juliet, is that I wish

you would have lived to tell your tale.


I know you’d have grown up to be

The kind of woman who lets her own daughter

Sneak out her window at night with a wink.