Ok so here's the frame around my little comment for today.

Last night I was feeling particularly angry with myself. I do it quite often, you know. I didn't make it to the gym, I didn't consume a single vegetable. I rushed through an assignment I'm working on so that I could move on with my productive evening of drinking two beers and playing Monopoly. I sound like a serious loser, right? (Not that there's anything inherently wrong with playing Monopoly, but there's nothing productive about it)

So I was angry. Stupid Katie, why aren't you working harder at becoming the person you need to be?! GrRr!

In order to cure my humdrum feelings toward myself, I decided that this morning it would be a good time to update my CV.

"My CV says I'm not a loser, therefore, I am not a loser" Hah! My quote for the day. I sure do look interesting on paper, now if only I actually was....

I'm working on it!