Some Author Photos

Ok yeah yeah yeah I know only amatuers use cats in their author pictures. But you know what? I AM an amatuer! LoL! Oh, oh oh, and was Jack Kerouac an amateur? I don't think sooo! (His author picture featured feline arm candy too).
So anyway, they look professional enough, right? My lovely Bruno took them. It helps a lot to have a photographer/web programmer in the family. Hehehe! He agreed to do a website for me as well, so once that's up I'll look like the real deal.
Which, to be honest, I think I'm sort of becoming. I'm really excited that 'things' are all happening so fast for me. I'm 23!! But I'm an author. It's amazing.
Oh, did I mention about my Outstanding Achievement award with the university? I'm accepting it this Sunday, and spent the weekend shopping for a dress to go to the ceremony. Woohoo!!
So seriously now it's time for me to get back to work.