Blonde Moment...


Another one of my shining moments...

Remember that poetry contest I entered on Friday? For Ante Review? Ok, well... on Saturday I got an email from them.

Editor wanted my poem, because I FORGOT TO ATTACH IT TO EMAIL.

Ok, so that was a serious brain fart. But at least they were kind enough to request it again. I am grateful (though I look like a serious goof. But I am a serious goof.).

Other news? Today's the first day of class at UTPA. Ah yes, traffic was at a crawl, parking was a battle, and the campus is alive with wide eyed students. I'm taking one poetry workshop class, and I'm starting my thesis hours. I briefly talked with my professor last week at the college convocation, and I'm feeling pretty good about 'things' so far.

I know the next 8 or so months are going to be a bit of a struggle, but I'll get through them and thrive. That's what I do best! Well... that and making airheaded mistakes.