A big decision


After a long talk with BruBru, we've decided that indeed - we have outgrown this valley.

I love 'The Valley' with everything I've got - it's my home, the place I write about, where most of my family lives, where I grew up, and where I'll always be attached.

But... it is almost time to move on.

So my plan is to finish up this MFA, and then ride the wind to wherever it takes me. I'm going to start prepping PhD applications ASAP. I'm going to start looking for a new job. New life. New home. New town....

but the same Katie. I promise.

Details to come - as soon as I figure them out. I would very much like to stay in Texas, and my eyes are most certainly on Houston or Austin... maybe Dallas, even El Paso... or New Mexico. One thing for sure, though, is that for both my personal and professional well being, come August, I will be someplace else, moving up in life, becoming the Katie I know I need to be.