El Mundo Zurdo Program released, and Katie's cup is overflowing.



Ok so I'm feeling seriously overwhelmed these past few days. I think maybe it's the second job. Anyway, news to report:

The El Mundo Zurdo program has posted. So I now have a day/time that I will be reading at UTSA. I will be reading Friday, November 5th at 4:30 in the Durango room. Joining me will be poets ire'ne lara silva, nancy green, Laura Eglin, and Carolina Monsivais (all mouthfeel press authors! :) :) :) )

I'm uber excited to meet these talented ladies. I feel unworthy, so unworthy....

Other news....

Still pumped about Saturday's reading at Jitterz. See sidebar for details on that one. Don't forget to come out and show your support ;)


I wrote a new poem for my grad class. And it's about being... well... overwhelmed I guess. Here's a little exerpt:

At the moment her finger switches
the coffee maker on, a body curls
into question against the force
of water. She listens for the groan
of the machine, telling her the single
serving of bitter beans is ready
to pour into the fine bone
china. As she pours

her first cup - the sunrise pours in.


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  2. I am just as thrilled as you are about reading with you and other Mouthfeel Press authors at the Mundo Zurdo!!

  3. :-D Can't wait to see you there, Laura! It's going to be absolutely great~


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