So I Kind of Had Fun At El Mundo Zurdo

And of course I must post some pictures!

Ok, first one's my Mouthfeel Press panel! There's ire'ne lara silva, me, lau, and maria maloney (my publisher!)

So I totally didn't control myself and I totally had to hug everyone. I'm a dork, a complete valley girl but that's ok I've come to terms with myself.

And here's >>>
me reading at Gallista Gallery! We went there afterwards, and all the talented poets read! Well, the talented poets and me... LOL.
Ok, so honestly yes I had a great time at El Mundo Zurdo. It was all about the poems, true, but for me it was all about meeting people, too. I met all the wonderful ladies at my press (who were incredibly friendly and nice), plus leaders in the field, other talented poetas, and just plain old smart people.
It was a blast! Oh, and most importantly - I DROVE ;)
YES, I did it and I did NOT have a nervous breakdown along the way. Phew, so proud! I think mostly it was thanks to my GPS. That way I didn't have to worry about getting lost in a big city like San Antonio (which is big compared to little sleepy Edinburg/McAllen, ok?!).
Oh! And I've been writing poems, too~~~~
Some my accomplishments are as follows:
1. mustered up the courage to drive
2. presented successfully at conference with many smart people in attendance
3. read at gallista gallery in san antonio with performance poets, felt intimidated and nervous, but did it anyway!
4. wrote new poem, that i kind of love.
5. made huge progress on thesis. my professor was proud of me :D
I'm feeling good~ so good~ right now. With the recent pubs, my conference experience, my thesis progress, things are finally starting to come together again. I'm myself again~
Phew. And it's a good thing, too.
So what are my goals for the remainder of the month?
I vow to:
Send out submissions to Columbia Poetry and Nimrod
Write two new poems
Edit my workshopped poems
Not think about PhD anymore until I finish MFA.
Yeah, that's right. I need to put it on the backburner for awhile. I was getting way too overwhelmed, and it wasn't good for me.
So for now, keep it simple~
And I'll be just fine :-)