Submitted to Nimrod


Its out in the mail and I can't take it back now :-)

So I submitted about 8 poems to them for their horticulture issue. It just seemed too perfect with my plant obsession as of late. So let's see if anything comes of this.

Hmm... what else? Oh! I have a reading coming up. And I'm blogging about it on Chachalacas In Orbit! My latest post should be up pretty soon. I'm going to be reading at a Caribbean restaurant along with my poetry professor and some fellow students. My mom might even be showing some art :D so she's psyched about that, too. Details certainly to come.

Hmm... I guess that's about it. Just in general, things are looking up for me. I applied for a teaching position at a university (hah, yeah...right!) which I know is a SUPER longshot but whatever I had to try. And I'm studying my GRE again... I'm giving myself more time, and resolving not to stress about PhD applications until next year. I get overwhelmed so very easily, and it was really really really stressing me out to the point that I was becoming unproductive and ill again.

So I'm taking a big step back, a deep breath, and I'm going to nibble away at it one tiny piece at a time. I'm going to apply next year. Deep breath, Katie. You can and will so totally do this ;)

On a lighter note, I believe I have found the perfect fall boot.