My First Rejection of 2012!

It came yesterday! X-D

I need to find a way to get a little counter for these things... and post them somewhere here on the blog. If only I was slightly more internet savvy. Oh well.

With my new attitude towards rejections, I actually found my heart flutter a bit when I saw it in my inbox. I'd gone quite a while without getting a rejection letter, so it felt good -- just knowing that someone, an editor, was reading my work.

The best thing? It was a personal rejection letter! What a good way to kick off 2012.

So here's to many many more... and hopefully some acceptances sprinkled in, too!


In other writerly news:

I'm getting all geared up for tomorrow's reading. I've even memorized my new sonnet X-D Got a good feeling about this! On my kitchen counter sits a big old box of books from Mouthfeel Press, and I can't wait to see those books in the hands of my Valleyites! And I can't wait to get back in the swing of the poetry community. I haven't been out and about in awhile... and perhaps I'm beckoning a bit of a hermit.

Ok... I do have more news to share but for another blog post, perhaps!