Some Exciting Things Coming Up!

So I've been hibernating lately, and it's been absolutely wonderful.

You see... for the past two months, I've really been focusing on my own writing, on me, on my ideas/goals. Katie's been a hermit, but... eh... I've been a productive hermit! This winter break has been fantastic -- yes, I've still been in "the office" but no one stops by since the campus is pretty closed, and I haven't touched or thought about my spring teaching, which ah... starts up again in about a week.

This time of reflection has done wonders for me, though. The quiet has really taken me to a place where now I have direction, focus, and plenty of creative juices. It's been lovely lovely lovely.

But that ends next week. I have a lot of exciting readings and poetry events on the horizon, and it's time to shed this hermit skin and put my social face on again. Yikes... ok, note to self -- wear make up.


I just hope I'll be able to keep up this magical pace of writing with the world awaking around me again. Since the beginning of 2012, I've already written 4 poems. Can you believe that? 4 poems in one week. Oh my. So I'm already 4/50 if we're looking at my 2012 goal.

And my fiction's been chugging along, too. I keep the pace at about 2k per day, some days much more even.

I just hope that once life gets a little crazy again, I can keep the good habits.

Anyway, take a little looksie at the side bar for upcoming events. Yes, I'm reading with the Texas Poet Laureate and yes I'm excited. And yes I'm MCing a reading next week and yes I'm nervous and and and...

Back to writing, Katie.