The Garden of Dresses Chapbook Update

Because I know you're just dying for more information, right?

The chapbook, The Garden of Dresses, is set for release on March 2, 2012 which happens to be the day I arrive at AWP.

My publisher's set up a book signing for me at the book fair, which I am beyond excited about. I'll be at the Bordersenses/Papagayo table S3 at 3pm. Come say hi! I promise not to swindle you into buying books. I cannot promise, however, that I won't hug you. I'm a hugger. You've been warned!

And then of course, I've got my panel to moderate the following afternoon. Nerves! Nerves! Nerves! Oh my goodness gracious.  Feeling very overwhelmed at the moment... I can't complain, it's all good -- but it's a lot to process.


  1. Congrats, Katie! I'm looking forward to seeing you at AWP and to doing the panel.

  2. What was your panel and how did it go?

  3. Hey Marly! The panel was titled "Border Bodies: Womanhood in Verse." We talked about what it means to be a woman in the borderlands, and how this relates to our poetics. It was really interesting, actually! It spurred a lot of questions about legitimizing women's issues and the borderlands voice in the poetry community. I think it went pretty well! Though, I was incredibly nervous :)


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