Got my 3rd Blurb!

Now wait just one fantastical moment...

I never blogged about getting my second blurb. So now, how can I blog about my third one? Gwah. This blurb getting business is driving me nuttsos.

Katie is proud to announce that she is relieved to now have 3 blurbs, which is enough to not look pathetic. Yay!

And ::drum roll please:: here they are!

"With her deft, sensuous, jaunty, and vital poems Katie Hoerth makes a smart debut in The Garden Uprooted. From “How To Marry a Prince” to "Breakfast with Fur" to “Not the Sonnet You Dream Of,” the poet mixes fairy tale images with visceral descriptions in this sexy—and crafted—first book that keeps turning preconceptions inside out."

Molly Peacock, author of The Paper Garden and The Second Blush

“Ripeness is all” in these poems where mangoes, melons, and pomegranates redden and fall into the dry soil of south Texas to be eaten, to rot, or to bury their seeds. Against this lush and fertile backdrop, a clear-eyed gringa elopes on her eighteenth birthday with a Mexican native old enough to be her father, whom she envisions as catching her before she too can hit the dirt and spoil. That backstory is the only part of this collection not set in the sensual present moment, where the juices of burst fruit and kisses and the lyrical Spanish language seep into poems meant to be savored on the reader’s tongue. The Garden, Uprooted is a debut collection from a young poet to watch."

Julie Kane, Lousiana Poet Laureate and author of Jazz Funeral and Rhythm and Booze

"Finding a home, putting down roots without suffering “root shock,” knowing and accepting who you are, and finding ways to be accepted by others, these are difficult tasks, especially if you are a transplant from Sheboygan living and writing in the Rio Grande Valley. Katherine Hoerth's poems show the way, her personal way, and they do it with grace and honesty. She understands what we must all learn—what it means to be human."

Robert S. Nelsen, President of the University of Texas Pan American

How fantastic and wonderful, right? I'm feeling so warm and fuzzy inside.

Phew. Ok, big stress lifted off this poet's back. Now if more come, they're gravy gravy gravy. Yay!

Accumulating blurbs is quite intimidating. I've said that already though, haven't I?

Editor is coming to down to El Valle to talk specifics again this weekend. I'm a little nervous to see this book come together, but I think it's coming along pretty well. We shall see.

In other Katie News --

I had a fiction writing marathon this weekend. I wrote about 12,000 words, which is pretty amazing for me. I'm starting to scare myself -- seeing my fictional characters appear at random times throughout the day. In fact, my main character is sitting across from my desk right now. (ASIDE: Benjamin! Wave you old fool! They're staring!) X-D

Yikes. Ok, time for a break from noveling. Back to the poems. Need to switch gears before I completely lose my mind (too late).


  1. Katie, congrats on getting great blurbs and making progress on your novel. I have given your blog an award. See info at


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