NaNoWriMo 2012 -- Consider Yourself DEFEATED!

I did it! I did it! I did it!

::Cue Victory Dance::

I really didn't think I could pull it off this year. My darkest moment was last night, staring at my blinking cursor, needing 10k more words to go and giving up, wallowing in my own self pity. "I'm just too busy, being a professor sucks nuts..." I wined... and whined...

But then, today? With a burst of renewed creative energy (and, ok, an extreme amount of coffee) I sprinted to the finish line.

This month I wrote a novel. I. am. awesome.

All awesomeness aside, as per expected, my novel needs work. It took me about 10k words in the beginning of nonsense to get a handle on what this crazy plot would look like (it's two stories, about the same woman, woven into one... and it gets a little trippy), another 20k to really relate to my own protag, and I'm JUST ABOUT at the climax of my book when... when the two folks that you KNOW shouldn't get together are just... just.... just about to... if only...

So naturally, I'm not done yet. This novel needs work. Lots of it. But you know what? I believe in it. I truly, truly, really believe in this novel. That's not enough, I know. It's a start, though. This is an important story. I'm going to live to tell it :) :) :)

In other news, my house needs cleaning, I need a shower, and I need to consume some serious alcohol in celebration.

I bid you -- adeiu.



    It's a beast of a goal but once you finish, you feel so accomplished. So, when do we get to read it?


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