An Embarrassment of Good News

Oh my.

This is ridiculous. I have been elected into the Texas Institute of Letters!


I am still in a bit of shock, to be honest. Joining TIL is one of those "bucket list" career goals of mine, something I aspired to do some day when I'm old, wise, and gray. The writers I admire most are a part of this organization, and for me to be joining them? It's an honor above just about any honor I can think of. I'm truly humbled by it. And not in that humble-brag sort of humble. The real kind where I wonder how on earth this has happened to me.

This news came at the best/worst imaginable time. I first received unofficial news about two weeks ago, on what was supposed to be the day B and I would celebrate our 13th anniversary. Unfortunately, that morning, I had gotten terribly ill with a horrific ear infection, and we ended up having to cancel our dinner reservations so I could stay home and try to get well. I didn't get well. In fact, my infection got so bad that I ended up rupturing an ear drum (that I might need surgery to repair)! It was painful AF and lingered for over a week, despite three different kinds of antibiotics. Wild.

So anyway, I was lying on the sofa, generally feeling depressed and sorry for myself. And then this lovely email pops up! It just made a shitty day a terrific one! Since it wasn't official, I had to keep it a "secret," though a good handful of my coworkers are also members of TIL so they already knew and congratulated me. It was surreal indeed.

Last Friday, TIL published the official press release introducing its new members. I am being inducted with some amazing, amazing writers, including Daniel Chacon, Bret Anthony Johnston, Richard Linklater, Guadalupe Garcia McCall, Jose Skinner (my former professor!), Steven Schneider (my thesis advisor!) and... WILLIE NELSON! Yes, THE Willie Nelson.

My mom, when I told her the news, remarked, "Well, isn't Willie Nelson a lucky guy. He'll get to meet my daughter!"

Moms. They're, of course, our biggest fans :)

So now I get to put on my fancy pants and go to the annual meeting in San Antonio. I will be giving a reading and attending the banquet. I am so beyond excited, not only to be inducted into TIL but also to see some of my greatest heroes, mentors, and friends and celebrate with them.

Oh, and in other news, my new book is out!